Thursday, 2 July 2020

Review Of Term 2

This is my review on Term 2. Term 2 was a crazy term because we stayed at home learning we did online learning, we had hangouts with our teacher online, we had online assembly and we did our school work from home. This was all because of COVID-19. Covid was a really big thing and our government didn't want anymore people getting sick so we went into lock down for a very long time. But then we were allowed to come back to school. 

Coming back to school was diffident because we had our own desk's, had to always hand sanitise and keep our distance. Threw out lock-down my family still did our work from home, we always got up had a shower, had breakfast and went on our hangouts. I didn't go back to school until level 2 so it was diffident for me. But it was fun we played games, did some colouring, played kahoot and did lots of cool things. We didn't do sports but we played some sports but stayed distance from each other. 

New Zealand is now in Level 1 so we can all go back to normal but keep our hygiene up. Term 2 has been really wacky but we still manged to make it threw. 

Term 2 Animation Water Cycle

Task Description: This my animation for Term 2. It is about the water cycle, there is Evaporation,Transpiration,Condensation and Precipitation. Making my animation was really fun, I had some trouble saying Precipitation but I said it the way I think it is. Hope you enjoy my animation for Term 2, about the water cycle.

The Million Dollar Bank-Note Part 2

Task Description: This is my reading task for Week 12 and Term 2. This is most likely my last reading blog post for this term. It is about a man who gets a million dollar bank-note and he has to survive on it for a month and if he does he gets anything he wants. We then had to answer question's about the text.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Fractions Lvl 2.21- Maths

Task Description: This is my maths work for Term 2 and Week 12. We were learning about fractions and I was on Lvl 2.21. This task was a bit hard but I got some help from my teacher.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Fractions Lvl 2.11- Maths

Task Description: This is my maths work for Term 2 and Week 12. This task is lvl 2.11 and it's about fractions. We had to answer diffident question's about fractions and I had some help from my teacher because I struggle with fractions. This task was hard for me but I manged to get it down.

The Million Pound Bank Note- Reading

Task Description: This is my reading task for Term 2 and Week 12. This task was easy because we had to read a text about the story and then answer three question about the story. The story is about a man who only had $1 dollar and he was in London and the $1 dollar helped him get thru for 24 hours then he had no food and no shelter then he gets a envelope from two brothers, in the envelope there is a million dollar,then he get's things for free because they think he's going to pay it back. The two brothers think he's trust worthy. This task was fun and easy for the last week of school.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Super Rugby and How to Spot fake news

Task Description: This is my work for Week 11. I really enjoyed doing this task because we got to choose any article to write about. I chose Super rugby to summarise about. First I summarised what the article was about and then I wrote down how to spot fake news. There are three ways to spot fake news on my slides. This task was fun.