Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mr Burt

Mr Burt is our principal and he wears Nice fancy clothes.He is older than mr Blakey and he looks strong.Also Mr Burt looks handsome and his shoes look shiny.

His  office is fantastic because his office smells like perfume and it is huge. Also he has a sculpture of dinosaur bones and a printer. He has a chair that spins around like a tornado.

Mr Burt is very busy because he shows the visitors our school because he is proud of his students.Mr Burt stops people from playing rugby and looks after our school.Also Mr Burt gives good people stickers and walks around the school to see if we are being good.


  1. Hi Zamera it me Nevaeh I love your blogs Zamera your blogs is buetiful Zamera I love your blogs so so so much Zamera do you know that Zamera Maeva I love you so so so much Zamera love from Nevaeh Maeva.

  2. You have some really good sentences in here Zamera which add some great detail. Well done!

  3. Hi Zamera it's me Zamera keep the good work up