Monday, 31 October 2016

Coke and Dry Ice and Mentos

Task Description: Hi my name is Zamera this is my Coke experiment we had to get mentos and i coke bottle you would have to go some where,were there is gates and if there is children then they would have to be behind the gates and the growing ups put the dry ice in and then put warm water then wait for 5 or 7 mins then it will go BOOM and the next one is get a coke bottle and some mentos then put it in the bottle and then the coke we start coming out of the coke bottle and you can drink the coke.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ch ch ch ch Changes With Dry Ice

Task Description: Hi my name Zamera and this is my ch ch ch ch Changs with dry ice we had to write what happens and how we blow up the balloon with dry ice and how we used detergent bubble we did this because we are learning about dry ice and some other things i had fun making this and when we finished we had to put it on our blog.

Problem Solving

Walt: practice problems.
Task Description: Hi my name is Zamera and this is my problem for this problem we had to do all sorts of things like working out the answer and doing the equation and some other things and we had to take a picture of me working it out and then you have to write a little sentences and i had lots lots if fun doing this and when i finished the hole thing then i have to put it on my blog.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The Lost Boy

Walt: write a narrative
Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing
(for example, use of paragraphs, a range of sentence types, descriptive language, punctuation, spelling).

If you want to ready the lost boy click the link below
The Lost Boy

My Poem

Walt: read and understand poetry.

Task Description: Hi my name is Zamera today we where doing poems and finishing of our old work.In our poems there is Verbs,Nouns,and Adjectives a Verb is saying when they are moving like running dodging and some other things a Noun is the name of what you are writing a poem about and the last one is Adjectives,Adjectives is a creative word like run happy and some other words while those where in our poems and on our last page we got to do our own i named my and my one was about my teacher after we finished our hole work we have to ask our teacher of we can post it on our blog and if he said yes then we can post it on our blogs.