Tuesday, 12 December 2017


On 10th november we had athletics the hole of Pt England participated in it. At Pt England we have house colors and they are, Hine Moana, Hokule’a, Hikianalia and Te Aure. When we came to athletics we had to wear our house colors my house color was Hokule’a and that's green and Hine Moana is Blue and,Te Aure is Red and the last one, Hikianalia is yellow.  

On Friday we came to school and got to class and had to get changed into our colour. Then our teacher took us down to the court and the other classes were there and Mr Burt was there too. The classes had to have a teacher to take them though the activity Year 5 girls from Rooms 9 and 6 teacher was Mr Vogt. Mr Burt was telling us which activity were going to and our first activity was shotput.

Mr Vogt took us down to the bottom field and did shot put. The teacher that was taking shot put was Mr Wiseman and there was another boy and his name was Noah with Noah you could practise shot put but with Mr Wiseman you can play for real and try come something in shot put either 1,2 or 3. But i went to Noah to have a practise. When 20 minutes was up Mr Jacobson would blow his trumpet and then we would go to our other ones. We went to Tug O War and then sprites and then javelin and then a fun activity and another one. The 3rd to last activity we did was target ball.

For target ball we had there was balls in the middle of the field. Then we had to get into our house color and then we had to throw balls at the balls in the middle and then if you get the a ball out of the middle then you get a point my group won. The other activity was Dodge ball and we had to get into our house color again and then two house colors would vs each other, Hikianalia won that one and then our last activity was volly ball. Green vsed Yellow for volleyball and green won and we were so excited and happy. That was the end of the activities, then it was lunchtime after lunchtime we got called back to the field with our classes. We sat on the field, then some kids that were really really fast got picked to race the seniors. It was green vs yellow vs red vs blue, it was a relay race Mr burt said go the first people ran and then gave the relay stick to the other person they were so fast and then they got up to the little kids and the little kids ran and then they were finished.

Hikianalia came first then Hokule’a then Te Aure and then Hine Moana. Then it was the teachers and adults turn to have a race with the kids, they got into teams and Mr Burt said 3,2,1 go then the kids ran and vsed the teachers the kids were beating the teachers and then the adults ran and some of them were beating the kids. But unfortunately the kids won it was a very cool day out playing activities.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Fraction Game

Walt: use equivalent fractions
Walt: understand 3D shapes

Task Description: Today Room 10 did a Fraction game we had to click on the card and see if we could get all the red dots to the end and turn yellow. What i learned was a fraction can mean the same but with different numbers.In this Fraction game you have to try get the less cards.In this game i got all of the red dots to the end and got it yellow the most cards i used was 15 cards i tried to bet my teacher because she got 13 cards.If you want to try the Fraction game then click the link below.
Fraction Game