Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Time Line- Otiriunui's Perspective

This is the timeline about Otiritunui's perspective. He is one of the member's who was shot when Captain Cook first landed in New Zealand. He was shot because he was asked to trade his Cloak but he didn't want to then one of the guys gave him red fabric and Ortitiunui took it and left. He thought he cheat him so he shot Ortitunui. This task was really fun.

Captain Cook- As I saw it

Task Description: This is my inquiry task it is about the first time Captain cook landed in New Zealand and what happens on that day. After reading Captain Cook's perspective it seems like Captain Cook didn't mean it because one of his crew was the one who shot first. He was also very angry with the person who fired at the Maori tribe. This task was really interesting because I got to read different people's perspectives on what happened on the day.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Fresh Fractions 1- Maths

Task Description: This is my first maths work for Term 3 and It's about Fractions. This is fractions level one. What we had to do was answer some question about fractions and the question were like 2/6 of 12 and many more I think I got most of it right but it was kinda hard for me because I struggle with fractions. I learnt some new things about fractions and I really enjoyed doing it.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Poster- Jamaica Blue Mountain

Task Description: This is my last inquiry task with a diffident teacher. My last teacher was Whae Kelly and we were learning about Jamaica, in Jamaica there is the Blue Mountain. We had to do some research about it and then put down what we found out about it. This task was really fun doing and I really enjoyed making this poster.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Task Description: This is my task for Inquiry, we learnt about the Blue Mountain Coffee. We had to do some research about the mountain and the coffee then we had to write down what we found. This task was fun and cool.

Paul Bunyan: An American Legend

Task Description: This my task for Term 3 which i for Inquiry and it was about Paul Bunyan and it is an American Legend. This is about a Lumberjack who was a giant and chopped down trees and he made lots of things. This task was a little bi hard but I manged to get it done.

The Watcher Of the South

Task Description: This is my task for Term 3 which is about the Watcher of the south. I was in Ms Tapuke's class learning about the Watcher of the South. We had to put the main characters in the table and give them a description of what they are, then we had to record our self's reading the watcher of the South.