Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas presents

Today I saw an ad about a boy who couldn't wait for christmas.When the boy wok up he went to his advent calendar and he got a chocolate out of the advent calendar.When he got the chocolate he got disappointed because time wouldn't go faster so he got so disappointed.Then  the boy got very very disappointed because he wanted time go faster and faster because he wanted it to be christmas but time went slow and slower.Then the boy got into a magic clothes and faster but it did not work for him and he got mad.Then when he was eating his food he was rushing his dinner and then he went to bed early and he went to sleep.Then it was morning and he got up and he had a bunch of presents and he just ignored it and he went to his cupboard and he got to give his present to his mum and dad.I was surprised because he just ignored his presents and went to get his present for his mum and dad.

I will get my parents some cothes and shoes and a red car and also some money.I would get them some cothes and shoes because they buy me some cothes and shoes all the time.I would get them a red car so we can have two cars and we can go up north.