Monday, 23 November 2015

Off to the museum

Yesterday the year 3 and some helpful parents and teachers went to the museum.We went to the Auckland museum because my class was learning about fossil and dinosaur.We also went so we can experience the museum.When we got to the museum i really felt really excited because the museum looked very enormous and so cool.

When we got into to the museum we put away our bags and we went up to the room it looked like a bee hive when we got inside the room a person named josh showed us a picture of a emormous T-Rex. Then josh said lets be paleontologist. Then Paige volunteered to be a paleontologist and Jacob volunteered to also be a paleontologist and then Arthur also volunteered to also be a paleontologist. I also liked the volcano house when we went into the vaken house we sat on the ground. when it started a tv came on and it was the news then the vaken pooled up and the town got burnt. When it erupted up this boy in my team nearly ran out but a teacher grabbed him then it was over. The third thing I liked was when we took a photo with a Maori man. we also saw the fossil room the fossil room was filled with dinosaur and one Moa. the girl Moa was the biggest Moa but the boy Moa was smaller. we also saw happy feet. we took a photo with happy feet. I was over the moon to take a photo with happy feet.

I enjoyed it very much because we went to the museum and we got to have a treasure hunt. I had fun with my teammates very much and also we got to go and find things and some of us get to be a photographer. That is a person that takes photos but only some of us got a try with the camera.I would like to go to the museum when am a year 4 because I will have so much fun with my class.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Performance Recount

Today at Pt England school room 14 was going to perform a dance and song because year 3 are leaning about dinosaur.The song is called there's one in the bush.

I was very very happy because when we got on the stage and we got into our positiuns my legs were ok.I was very very happy because I wanted to perform.

I felt very happy because everyone was laughing at Arthur because he was dancing so so so funny.I would like to do the performance again because when we did the performance i felt so so excited.I want to do the performance again in assembly with my Halle class room 14 and Mr Blakey.

Theres one in the bush

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Diplodocus was an amazing dinosaur. Diplodocus was the longest herbivore animal dinosaur that lived millions of years ago.He was one of the biggest dinosaurs in the earth.The diplodocus had an long neck to reach leaves also the diplodocus had flat teeth. Also the diplodocus had a long tail to whack other dinosaur if the dinosaur is attacking the diplodocus.The diplodocus had flat teeth so it can chew on the leaves and all sorts of plants.The diplodocus also has kind of short legs and legs. If another dinosaur is attacking the dinosaur it can scratch the dinosaur that is attacking the it dinosaur.