Friday, 24 February 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki

Finding information across two texts: Te Taiao o Tāmaki

Choose five words from the list.  What do they mean?

  • Source
  • Autumn
  • Important
  • Environment
  • Polluted
  • Healthy
  • Guardian
  • Creature
  • Litter
Important means your a Principle and the Principle is an Important person to ever on
LItter means when people throw rubbish on the ground that’s what litter means
Environment means a group of people in an Environment that like helps sick kids
Healthy means eating good food like not eating fat food and other things
A Creature is like an insect and a aninale

Kaitiaki of the stream
Omaru Creek video
What is the big idea this text is telling us about?
It’s telling us about the Kaitiaki of the stream,The Kaitaki of the stream it follows into the sea
The Omaru Creek video showed us to keep our creek clean
What is one fact that surprised you when you in this text?
The text that surprised me was when he said that the Mangapouri stream which flows there his hometown

Another thing is in the video there were dead fish
Taking care of our creek: What is one tip you would like to share?
I want to share that you should always keep your Creek nice and clean
Another thing in the video is the man said that the WeetBix Tryathlon
is going to be on and the kids are going to swim in the same water as the creek
What information is similar in the two texts?
Is that you should always keep your creek clean or there will be dead fish

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Problem Solving

Task Description: Hi my name is Zamera and this is my problem solving.First i had to make a copy then after that i had to solve out three Problems if we where stink then we could ask a teacher or someone else for help.Then after we finshed the hole thing we have to ask our teacher if we can put it on our blog and if she says yes then we can put it on our blog.When we put it on our blog we have to put our post title and our labels and last one is Task Description then when we do that all we can put it on our blog.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Goals for 2017

All About Me

Feb 7, 2017 10:16:20 AM.jpg

Kia Ora my name is Zamera i’m 9 years old and i’m a year 5 at Pt England School. My Classroom is Room 9 and 10. My teachers are Mrs Buchanan and Miss West and also Miss Timmy. I have one Mum and one dad and two sister and one brother. My Culture is Niuean, Maori and Cook Island. My favorite food is Butter Chicken,
KFC, McDonald, Burger King. My favorite sports are Cricket, Tag. My Goals for 2017 is to Be Confident, Join other sports, improve my Reading Writing and Maths. I enjoy playing Cricket with my friends and family. I also enjoy going up North with my family in the holidays and i like swimming with my cousins.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Problem Solving Term 1

Task Description: For this task we had to solve out two problem's and it had to do with maths.We had to do addition and we had to do 27+36=?.Then after we do that we have to solve how we worked the answer out so then i did that and when i was done my answer was 63.When i'm done i have to ask the teacher if i can post it and if she says yes then we can do it.