Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fact Family House

Walt: double numbers.
Task Description: For this task we are doing Family fact and we had to write the numbers in and we also had to do plus and takeaways it was cool doing it and the first one was 17 plus 3 and the othe0r one was 11 plus 9 and the last one was 13 plus 7 and was cool doing my work and i had to fell in the blank spots and i had fun doing it and when we finished then we had to ask our teacher if we could put it on our blog and if he said yes then we could put it on our blog.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Agent Girl Story

Walt: Writing a narrative story
On a very nice sunny day there was a girl but she was an agent girl and her agent name was Elizabeth, and she had a secret power but it was two secret powers, the first one was she could fly and the last one was she could shoot fireballs out of her hands.

Elizabeth went to high school and there was an evil agent, and it was a girl and her name was Ella, and Ella went to Elizabeth’s high school and she tried destroying the school, but  she couldn't and then Ella moved to the city and was destroying it.

Then on Elizabeth’s watch it started to pep and then she knew it was dangers then she went to the city to see what was going on and then she saw Ella destroying the city.

Then Elizabeth told her to stop but she didn't then Elizabeth said it one more time and then she said nothing then Elizabeth got anger, and then Ella just keeper destroy the city, then Elizabeth flow up in the sky and turned happy.

Then she went back down and half of the city was destroyed and then Elizabeth started shooting fireballs out of her hands and then she shot ten times and, then Ella was destroyed and ,then she was took to agent prison and then Elizabeth saved the day again. 
Task Description: For this task we had write sentence about our super hero we are doing our superheros because this therm is as i see it and team four is doing superheros and we had to do our character setting and problem.We also had to do sentence i did five sentence and we also had to write about our superhero that we are doing and my superheros name is Agent Girl and after we did all our sentence then we had to ask our teacher if we could put it on our blog and if he said yes then we could put it on our blog. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Sucked Into a Game

Walt: find proof of the authors message. 

Task Description: For this task we had to write a mine story and the mine story was about how would you feel if you got sucked into a game it would be kind of fun for me because i can jump of building and die and come back to life but if i got sucked into star wars it will be scary for me because i have to fight and a might die and not come back to life we had to pick a game and i picked Star Wars i picked star wars because i think it is a cool game to play and when we finish our work then we had to ask our teacher if we could put it on my blog and if he said yes then i can put it on my blog.

Monday, 20 June 2016

My Advice blog

Walt: find proof of the authors message.

Task Description: For this task we had to give some advice to some we got to chose who we could use for our task i chose my teacher Mr Goodwin he said if i can give some details about what game should i get and i said you should get Star Wars and then after i did that i had to do i advice and that was about what game should get and i picked star wars and then a had to write 2 sentence to explain to the kids and i had to put a photo in a box and i also had to write something like Zamera Awesome advice blog and then after i did all of those then i had to ask my teacher if a could put it on my blog and he said yes.  

Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

Ima3Dge 2 attribution:

 write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind

On one nice day the Avengers were sitting in there building and just relaxing but suddenly the bad people came to the city and were destroying the city but then the Avengers looked out of the window and saw the bad side destroying the city then the Avengers got into their superhero clothes and went out of there building, and was getting ready to charge when they saw Captain America with them then they all charge at Each other and then it was only Captain America and Iron Man standing, then Iron Man charged at Captain America and Captain America charged at Iron man at Captain America was protecting himself with his shield and Iron man was trying to get Captain America but he could not then Iron man stop because he got tired and Captain America stop to because he was tired then Iron man got up while Captain America was still laying down then Iron man helped Captain America up and then Iron man said he was sorry and Captain America said sorry to then they became friends again.

But then in the afternoon they all went back to their building and Captain America went with Iron man to the building to when suddenly Black Widow called the Avengers and said that there were robots destroy some house and then they all went to the house and the Avengers were fighting them then they saw that Hulk Throw was there and they were helping them to destroy them then they all were defeated them and then they all the robots were small and they could destroy them each  then there was just one more left and they all went for that one and they all don't into each other and when they don't into each other they defeated, the one robot then they checked if they were all down and they were all down then they all were all proud of each other because they saved the day again and they all were happy The end. 
Task Description:  For this task we had to write we had to write about the Avengers when we were writing it was like a test we had 40 mins for the first one then the other time was 30 mins and all the other one were 20 mins 10 mins 5 mins and the last one 1 min.Then 1 min was to get it on my blog but i did not because we started this writing on Thursday then on Friday i was putting it on my blog.For the first paragraph i did a long paragraph then a did my second paragraph but it was only a little pit long but i was still writing then i had to make another cope of my work that a did finish then the next day i was going to put it on my blog but i had to ask the teacher and he said yes i can put it on my blog.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Character Descrition

Walt: find information in texts.

Task Description: For this task we had to read a book and it was could The Mc Good's the Mc Good's book was about the perfect family and the perfect family was the Mc Good's and we had to do a post about a character that was in the book so a chose Victor   he was the son for the book and for the task we had  to do there skills name age gender that is like if they are a boy or girl and the other one's where there personality and the last one was there physical description.Then after we did all of those we had to ask the teacher if we could put it on our blog and of she said yup we could put it on our blog.n