Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 8 Problem Solving

Walt: solve multiplication and division problems by doubling and halving.
Walt: confidently explain 10, 100, and 1000 multiplication and division problems, using place value in our reasoning.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Year 5/6 Camp

Do you want to hear about the best Camp ever?
Well at Camp we did the Killer Zone,Get Lost and also did Kayaking,Ping Pong Skateboarding and played Basketball and also played on the Trampoline and also did Rollerblade's and the Fun part was going to sleep in the Tints it was cool but annoying because of the wen.
Mr Burt of Principal started the Camp in 1998.
Camp is about sleeping in a Tint and doing activities the activities where the Killer Zone and Get lost and other Cool activities the Camp started on Wednesday we had the Camp on our school grounds. We had the Camp because in 1998 our Principal looked outside on the field and said let's have a Camp,then they said yeah let's have a Camp so they did it and Pt England Year5/6 Camp has been running for 20 years on Wednesday for dinner we had,Nachos with a little Fry Bread and it was so yummy when i finished i went for 2nd s then after that  we had to go and wash our plates and Knife,Fork and Spoon.
On Wednesday when i got up got changed into my Muffte colthe and went to school our first activities was playing Ping Pong and playing Basketball and played on the Skateboard and Scooters and Rollerblade's,we had 1hour and 30 minutes to play and after that we had morning tea and then we did the Killer Zone and that was fun two then after that we had our Lunch then we went to our other activities was Get Lost after that one the school bell rang but that was for the people at school. Then after that i leader,Tehillah,Leitte and teacher Miss West said we have two get changed into our togs were  going swimming so then we did that and got into two lines and then Miss West said are you ready Presentes then we said yes then we took off we could swim for 5 minutes then when we finish we had to go for shower and go back and eat.

A Big Thank-You to,Mr Somerville and Mr Burt for organizing this Year5/6 Camp in 1998.Mr Burt made this Camp because he thought that Pt England School needed a Camp so he made it’s been Running for 20 years and another Big Thank-You to Miss West my Camp Teacher and Tehillah and Leitte my Camp leader, i had a Fantastic day at Camp i wish that it will never end.

On Camp i learnt to always work as a team if you're stuck and Camp has been blast and Thank-You for the security people Miss Timmi,Mr Moran and the Camp teachers and some Parents for being the security at night for the Campers Thank-You