Friday, 23 October 2015

NZ Navy Band

Yesterday room 14 went to the hall because the navy bard came to our school.The whole school went to the hall to see the navy band. They were performing songs. When we got to the hall the navy band was there and I didn't know the navy band and they played a song.

When we all got into the hall the navy band did I song it was Katy Perry roar the navy band told use to sand up to singe roar.My favourite part was the water gun part because they wet use with a water gun I got wet then they did I rob after that they did a stay wars.I leaned that if you play all sorts of songs you will be great when you play.It was cool, amazing and so so good because they did lots of jazz and classical,pop songs they were great.

When they did I felt happy to see the navy band and I hope that we see them again but it was so amazing when they did there song because they did lots of different songs for my school they were so great.It made me want to play lots of instrument but I want to play the electrical guitar because it looks so amazing. 


  1. Hi Zamera I love your picture.

  2. The picture is cool when you are playing the drums.
    By jasmine