Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Agent Girl Story

Walt: Writing a narrative story
On a very nice sunny day there was a girl but she was an agent girl and her agent name was Elizabeth, and she had a secret power but it was two secret powers, the first one was she could fly and the last one was she could shoot fireballs out of her hands.

Elizabeth went to high school and there was an evil agent, and it was a girl and her name was Ella, and Ella went to Elizabeth’s high school and she tried destroying the school, but  she couldn't and then Ella moved to the city and was destroying it.

Then on Elizabeth’s watch it started to pep and then she knew it was dangers then she went to the city to see what was going on and then she saw Ella destroying the city.

Then Elizabeth told her to stop but she didn't then Elizabeth said it one more time and then she said nothing then Elizabeth got anger, and then Ella just keeper destroy the city, then Elizabeth flow up in the sky and turned happy.

Then she went back down and half of the city was destroyed and then Elizabeth started shooting fireballs out of her hands and then she shot ten times and, then Ella was destroyed and ,then she was took to agent prison and then Elizabeth saved the day again. 
Task Description: For this task we had write sentence about our super hero we are doing our superheros because this therm is as i see it and team four is doing superheros and we had to do our character setting and problem.We also had to do sentence i did five sentence and we also had to write about our superhero that we are doing and my superheros name is Agent Girl and after we did all our sentence then we had to ask our teacher if we could put it on our blog and if he said yes then we could put it on our blog. 

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