Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Book Holes

By Zamera 
Hi my fans i just want to say that it was the coolest day today because we got to watch the movie Holes the movie Holes was cool but i saw the movie at home so i didn't want to spoil the movie for the others that haven't watched it we just didn't watch the movie we read the book to and the book was also cool i loved it.

I also loved the book and the movie have you ever seen the movie well you should watch the movie or read the book because the book is kind of cool but the movie is really really cool and if you ever see it then put a smile on your face then  you will love it but i like the movie best because i like movies and if you are reading this then Thank-you for reading this.

If you like my writing then if you want to 
watch the movie then click the link blew.

Image result for holes the book   

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