Friday, 26 May 2017

Going to G.I Pools

At the start of Term 2 we had swimming.We had to bring our togs and towel and goggles.We were swimming at G.I Pools.When we went to the pools we got put into teams i was in team 3 my instructor was Jedi.The other instructor names i knew were Jess and Kate.The first thing we learnt was Beach Safety.

We had to show Jedi if we could to arm stroke if we did then he would have to send you back to do it again.We did the arm stroke with our own hands or the board.

Then the next week we did how to get into a boat safety and getting out the boat safety.Then we Kate all of the students had to get into a line and when they call out our name we had to swim all the way to the other side.I was the first to get to the end.

At the end of swimming.We had to talk about all the things we learnt and then we had to do it all and show them what we learnt at swimming.I LOVED swimming at G.I Pools because Jedi and Jess and also Kate teached us how to be safe in the Pools and Beach.

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