Friday, 16 October 2015


On Monday morning we went to the hall for assembly.  We went to the hall because my school

had a new theme which was survivors.  When the whole school got into the hall Mr Burt put on a video the showed that some animals are survivors and some animals did not survive.

My favourite part in the assembly was the noodie contest because team 4 was doing a noodle contest and had to eat a plate of noodles.They had to eat the noodle with chop sticks.It looked very hard but one of the teachers won because the tearher could use chop sticks.All the another teachers did not know who to use chopsticks and they were not happy they didn't won the contest.It was so cool because the teacher that won was very happy.That fabulous thing in the assembly was the noodles race because it was an interesting part and also an amazing thing.

That assembly was an the most amazing assembly in the word because its the most run assembly.I learned that some people survive and some people do not survive that's why the theme of this week is survors.

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