Thursday, 12 May 2016

Character Description

Walt: use similes and metaphors in our writing.
Her hair was as long like Repunzel, Black Purple  hair.
Her blue and black  armour cape, is kind of power follower,and bulletproof,also her black armour is storage like metal.
She is a little bit tall,and she is also so   muscle like Hulk Smash,but she is kind of muscle than Hulk Smash,also she is storage muscle just like hulk Smash.
Her powers are super speed,and laser eyes,and also her super powers are that she can fly,and the last superpower is super strength.
Task Description: For this work we had to follower the instruction then after we did that we had to write a sentence about what kind of hair your superhero would have.Then after we did that we had to stop what we did then we had to move on to the other sentence.That sentence we had to write on the other one was about what costume would you superhero wear.Then after we wrote all of the sentence's that are on my poster then we could put it on my blog. 

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