Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My Immersion Assembly Recount

WALT: recount an event.

We are learning about comic book?Team 4 is  learning about comics, and superheroes
I i'm really looking forward to it.`

This term Pt England School is learning about “as i see”also team 1 2 3 5 are learning about what’s their favorite thing is and about Seasons and also one of them is about Building and the last one is about racing and our colors like green red blue yellow.

Team 4 is learning about comic books after we left school for holidays i think a fur more days later they did i movie the movie was about superheroes and comic they made a movie and it was called the Teacher Vengers and they were defeating  evil Baxendine he  takes chromebooks.

I hope that we read Wonder Woman comic because Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero and i hope we do art about superheroes.I also hope that we do some cool things about superheroes with Mr Goodwin . The thing i like about superheroes is that they help people that are in danger.That is why i really  like superheroes and Wonder Woman is so lucky to be a superhero.

I think about the new term is so cool because it’s about buildings superheroes  boat race your favorite things and seasons.Another thing i like about the new term is that it is about art and all sorts of things i like the new term.Also it’s cool to learn about art and some other things about art like writing on a wall with sad or something.

Task Description
I had to follow the instructions. Then I had to write it on a new doc and then publish on my blog.

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