Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Task Description: Hi my name is Zamera and where learning about washing powder.Today we had a experiment to do it was about washing powder. We had to test if Water would clean a dirty shirt and Supreme and Persil. We had to fill up 2 buckets of water and our teacher had to chose 3 people to dirty the shirts and i was one of them the shirts where dirty then our teacher Mr Goodwin got the washing powder and then we went out side.We had to get in too to lines and then our teacher said get in a circle.Then our teacher chose a person to wash the dirty shirt in it and they had 1min to wash it the water washed i little bit then it was the Supreme turn our teacher had to chose another person and he chose a girl they started the timer and she started washing then 1min was up she pulled it our and the hole thing was nearly clean.Then it was the last one Persil lots and lots of people thought that the Persil will clean the most they started washing then 1min was up she pulled it our and it was nearly spotless.

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Washing Powder

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