Thursday, 13 April 2017

Reading About Making connections across the World

Manawatu - Making connections across texts: our birds

Choose five words from the list.  What do they mean?

  • Mustelid
  • Native
  • Snatch
  • Bait
  • Introduced
  • Species
  • Separated
  • Screeching
  • Squabble
1.  Separated is like when two people get moved away from each other if they fight or Argue and then someone will come and move them from each other. And that’s what Separated means.  
2. Snatch means if someone has a toy or something and a friend of them comes and takes there toy off them and that's what Snatch means.
3. Introduced means someone is saying hello to someone.Like if there’s a visitor coming to school then a person will stand up and say hello my name is………… and say welcome to Pt England School and that’s what Introduced means.
4. Native means the forest like how the forest looks and how the birds live there and how the forest is green and that’s what Native means.
5. Bait means something when you put something on a hook and then when you do it, it will pull something up and that’s what Bait means.

Text 1
Catching Mustelids
What is the big idea this text is telling us about?
The big idea is 2 Parrots fighting and there’s a another Parrot that tries to stop them arguing but they don’t listen then she tells Tani and then Tani call’s the two Parrots Kakapo ,Kaka and they got Separated from each other
What is one fact that surprised you when you in this text?
I was surprised that Tani gave the two Parrots another name
Taking care of our birds: What is one tip you would like to share?
I would like to say look after our birds or we won’t have any more Pretty birds
How does this connect to our inquiry?
This connects to our inquiry because we talking about birds

Text 2
The Three Parrots
How does this story connect to our inquiry?
Because we are talking about birds and talking about The outside world and also because it connects to our inquiry because it’s Te Tao Tamaki.

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