Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Writing (I'm a Bird) Week

Today i am going to be a little Baby Bird. I am Grey and white and i have black spots.I have a Brother and a Sister and a Mummy and also a Daddy. Me and my Brother and Sister hunch out of our egg and we were so hungry but lucky Mum was there to Save the day she brang us some yummy worms we eat. Throughout the Year we started getting Bigger and Bigger. One day Me and my Brother and Sister were Starving,our mum said it’s time you went and found your own nest because use are too big for this little nest. Then we said to Mum okay then my Brother went on the edge of the nest and leaped off and i couldn’t believe my eyes he was really flying. Then my Sister went on the Edge of the Nest and leaped off to and she was really flying,then it was up to me. So i went on the edge of the Nest and took a deep breath in and leaped off i was screaming because i was falling but then i began to fly. My Brother and Sister went off and it was only me. So then i said bye to Mum and went flying,i went flying over the water. When i was flying over the water i could see,Sharks,Flying Fish and also Dolphin's. I started getting tried and tried so then i saw a Turtle and went down and had a rest on his back. Then i got back up and went into the trees when i saw a tree i went in and then i looked a around and then i said to myself this is where i will stay here then i made myself at home.

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